Snipping Tool App for Windows 7

Install Snipping Tool App on PC for Free


Before you get your free Snipping Tool on Windows 7, it's important to understand its features. The snipping tool is a user-friendly screen capture utility, making it easy to take screenshots of any opened windows, rectangular areas, free forms, or the entire screen.

  • Full-Screen Snip
    This mode offers the option to capture the entire screen view on your computer without having to select the area manually. It's an efficient way to capture instant processes on your screen.
  • Rectangular Snip
    The rectangular snip feature allows you to draw a precise rectangle using the mouse cursor over the area you intend to capture. This feature favours instances where one needs to capture a specific area on the screen.
  • Free-Form Snip
    This feature allows users to draw any shape on the screen and captures the area within the selected shape. This is a unique snip type that provides flexibility when you don't require a quadrangular snip.
  • Window Snip
    Here, it is possible to choose a window, such as a browser window or a dialogue box, which you wish to capture.

How to Install and Launch the Snipping Tool

For those needing a Snipping Tool download for Windows 7, here's an easy-to-follow guide.


The process is simple. Press the download button on our fansite, then follow the system's prompts. Check the box before proceeding with the details. For the Windows 7 Snipping Tool download, it should already be included in your OS version.


After the installation is complete, to open it, you can go to your Start menu > All Programs > Accessories > Snipping Tool. Unlike the newer counterparts, you will not find the Snipping Tool free to download for Windows 7 in your immediate start menu, but it could be pinned to the taskbar to easier access.

System Requirements

In order to efficiently run the Snipping Tool for Windows 7 download, your system must meet the following requirements:

Operating System Processor Memory Hard Drive
Windows XP/7/8 1.0 GHz 512 MB 50 MB

Note that the Snipping Tool on Windows 7 or any older version of Windows does not need a high-performance PC and thus, is light on the system resources.

Even on older operating systems, acquiring the Snipping Tool for Windows 7 free to download is straightforward and beneficial. So, once your system fulfills the requirements, it should be efficient to run the Snipping Tool download for Windows 7 for free on your PC or Laptop.

Install Snipping Tool App on PC for Free