Snipping Tool App for Windows 10

Install Snipping Tool App on PC for Free


If you regularly need to take screenshots on your PC, the Snipping Tool on Windows 10 can prove to be an invaluable resource. Its intuitive user interface and diverse feature set puts the power of screen captures right at your fingertips.

A Glance at the Features

Our love affair with this app is not unprovoked. We're drawn to the Snipping Tool on Windows 10 app for its unique functionality and ease of use. Here are some of the features that make it so outstanding.

  • For those who require specific screenshot options, the software, known as Snipping Tool download for Windows 10, comes equipped with numerous capture modes. Each mode, be it Free-Form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip, or Full-screen Snip, ensures that you can capture your desired screen area with precision and convenience.
  • Delay Function: Want to screenshot a drop-down menu or a certain mouse movement? The Snipping Tool has a delay feature that lets you capture these transient moments perfectly.
  • Edit and Annotate: The app allows you to directly annotate your snips using an array of marker and pen tools. There's also an eraser function should you make any mistakes.
  • Direct Share: Once you have captured and edited your snip, sharing it is as straightforward as hitting the 'send' button.

How to Access the Snipping Tool

Learning to navigate and utilise the functionalities of the Snipping Tool for free on Windows 10 is a seamless process. Let's take a detailed tour.

Launching the App

Kick off by clicking the Start button in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Type 'Snipping Tool' into the find bar, and click on the app that appears in the search results. Congratulations, you're in!

Leaping Into Action: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you excited to have your first interaction with the Windows 10 Snipping Tool? Follow the below steps and start snapping:

  1. Click on the 'New' button on the Snipping Tool window.
  2. Select your desired snip shape from the 'Mode' drop-down menu.
  3. If you wish to set a delay, click on the 'Delay' drop-down menu, and choose your preferred waiting time.
  4. Next, press New again, and your screen should fade. At this point, use your mouse (or finger, if you're using a touchscreen) to draw the snip area based on your chosen shape.
  5. Let go of the mouse/touchscreen, and your snip will be automatically copied to your clipboard. It will also appear in a new window where you can write on, save, or share the snip.

Voila! You have successfully created your first snip using the free Snipping Tool on Windows 10.

Installing the Snipping Tool 

Maybe you're using a clean Windows 10 installation or a system that never had the Snipping Tool. Not to worry, you can still install Snipping Tool on Windows 10 without breaking a sweat. To install Snipping Tool on your computer, first download it from our fansite and follow the prompts. Once the installation process is complete, you may start the app by following the aforementioned steps. Now you're ready to download Snipping Tool for Windows 10 and add it to your utility arsenal!

Install Snipping Tool App on PC for Free