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Linux platforms provide extensive software and application compatibility, elevating utility and convenience to new fronts. Specifically, the Snipping Tool on Linux significantly enhances screenshot-taking abilities and editing. Despite the tool's potency, Linux users might face difficulties in utilizing this due to the variance across Linux distributions.

Snipping Tool Features Across Linux OS

Ubuntu OS

Operating under Ubuntu, the Snipping Tool Ubuntu version poses impressive functionalities for screen capture. With this, the users can snip the chosen part of the screen, rather than the entire display. Moreover, the captured shots become editable, and drawings or text can be included to mark important areas.

Fedora OS

Despite slight differences, the Snipping Tool performance remains superlative across Fedora and Ubuntu. Equipped with selection modes, a user can dictate the screenshot's scope and, post-capture; editing tools like highlighters and digital pens get activated.

Installing & Launching Snipping Tool

Downloads of the Snipping Tool on Linux Ubuntu and Fedora have distinctive mechanisms behind them. Subtle contrasts in command syntax also influence the installation guidelines.

  • Ubuntu: Contingent on the presence of 'Gnome Screenshot', either an installation or launch command is executed. If absent, 'sudo apt install gnome-screenshot -y' installs the software, while 'gnome-screenshot -i' commences if already installed.
  • Fedora: Similar to Ubuntu, Fedora employs 'sudo yum install gnome-screenshot -y' for installation and 'gnome-screenshot -i' to initiate the software.

System Requirements

Running Linux Snipping Tool, like all other software, has some system requirements linked. It applies to both Fedora and Ubuntu versions.

Operating System Minimum Disk Space Processor
Ubuntu 25 GB 2 GHz dual core
Fedora 15 GB 1GHz or faster

Now that you comprehend the distinctive features and installation process across different Linux distributions, harnessing the Ubuntu Snipping Tool won't be an issue. And remember, your operating system can’t limit the Snipping Tools features and advantages.

Install Snipping Tool App on PC for Free